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Best Dermatologist in Pune Hair Transplant in Pune
Best Hair Transplant in Pune | Hair loss doctor

Hair Transplant

Hair loss and baldness are more treatable than ever. According to the research, every 3 out of 5 men will suffer from some amount of hair loss within the age of 50. Women also are not less affected compared with men with 1 out of 4 experience loss of hair and particularly after their menopause, it becomes more susceptible. Loss of hair causes both men and women to look older. As a result, for many the beginning of hair loss, considerably signals the end of youth, energy and attractiveness.

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Hair Fall Treatment in Pune | Best Skin Clinic

Hair Treatment

Today, if you look around in the health care market, there are numerous hair loss treatments out there. There are same number of hair loss treatments as there are hair loss conditions. If you here looking for some of those treatments then don't worry as you have come on the right page. The most vital thing to know here is that there's no particular solution of all types of hair. Each hair loss condition and each situation is unique.

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Trichologist in pune | Hair Transplant in India


It is a branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the hair and the scalp. It can be used in forensic studies of hairs to find suspects. There is a trichology center in Pune where top trichologist in Pune study the cases related to hair loss. A good trichologist in Pune can also help you with your hair loss treatment.

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Best Dermatologist in Pune | Hair Fall Treatment in Pune


Mesotherapy for hair loss management is a comparatively painless procedure and takes about half an hour for completion. In this process, the tiny micro-injections are given into the scalp every 1 cm and several poly vitamins and growth factors are injected into the hair bulb directly at accurately controlled depth, without having any side effects. A special instrument is used for completing this procedure as it makes sure that the drug is directly given at the target site.

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PRP Therapy in Pune

PRP Therapy

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a ground-breaking new treatment which relieves pain by promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions. It's a quickly emerging technique illustrating immense potential with osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, spine and hip, rotator cuff tears, chronic plantar fascitis, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, pelvic pain, back and neck injuries, tennis elbow etc.

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Best skin clinic in Pune |


Hair is an integral part of one's body and it forms a very important aspect of your appearance. A good looking hair can certainly enhance your look while dry, ugly and hair filled with dandruff can demotivate you and make you lose your confidence. Today, the percentage of hair loss in humans is around 95%, and as many believe, it's not because of hard water, sun, wind, change of place, poor blood circulation of scalp, too frequent change of shampoo, use of cap or helmet, mental stress, clogged pores or surplus dandruff. Most of the time, it's because of the condition known as Androgentic Alopecia- AGA, which is also known as Male Pattern Hair loss or Female Pattern Loss.

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Dermatologist in Kothrud | Dermatologist in Aundh

Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology which evolved during the course of nineteenth century is one of the several medical specialties that developed from the general internal medicine. Dermatology got recognized in the beginning of the 20th century as a separate branch in the US and Europe. However, it was only after the year 1960 that it got recognition as a special branch in India. Until recently, dermatology remained as a purely medical field in India though in the West it had developed quite earlier.

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Skin Care Clinic in Pune | Skin Specialist

Medical Skin Care

Nothing better for the start to healthy growing skin than adopting a good skin care regimen. The key to look and feel good about one's self is to maintain a healthy skin. One of the most important aspects is to prepare the skin prior to undergoing cosmetic procedure and provide ongoing treatment after the procedure gets over. This certainly enhances the final outcome.

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Best Skin Clinic in Pune

Anti-aging Medicine

Anti-aging medicine is a clinical area of expertise and is founded on the application of advanced medical as well as scientific technologies for the early detection, avoidance, treatment and reversal of age related dysfunction, disorders and diseases.

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Laser Treatment in Pune | Skin Specialist in Pune

Laser Treatments

Lasers have revolutionized plastic and cosmetic surgery, dermatology, eye surgery, podiatry and dentistry. Today, laser therapy is used to treat several dermatological conditions from excessive growth of hair, tattoos and blood vessels, etc.

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Wrinkles Treatment in pune

Wrinkles Treatment

Wrinkles are visible creases in the skin which form as the skin loses its collagen, a protein that lets the skin to retain fluids that support a smooth, lithe contour. Wrinkles deepen and become more prominent as the collagen filled elastic tissues are increasingly damaged.

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Dr. Pradeep kumari | Skin specialist Pune

About Us

We have with us dermatologists and hair experts who have more than 5 years of experience in their respective fields. Rather than make shift change, we want metamorphosis in your skin. That's why we have divided our specialization in two main parts, body and face.

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I had bad eating and lifestyle habits, and it took toll on my skin. My skin started to look darker. Dark circles were increasing around my eyes. As my skin had become collection of dead cells. It was so lifeless. Being a college going student, it was next to depression. I tried many cosmetics, creams which were advertized by celebrities. But it went in vein, adding to my frustration. Then skinhairsurgery came to my rescue. Their experts sighted the exact cause of my skin problem. First they studied my skin type, did some tests. Once they found the reason, they started treatment from that very day. It was surprisingly painless and quick. In few days, results started to show. It removed acne, bad spots .Day by day my skin was looking more healthy and beautiful. I was totally satisfied with my new skin and it made me happier inside. I am very very grateful and thankful to skinhairsurgery for helping me out.

The best doctor in town for dermal fillers and botox. I`ve seen patients who come to the clinic for correction after a wrong treatment somewhere else. I chose to be smart.

Good to be such brilliant doctor in medical field. Very painless & pleasant hair transplant from couple Doctor Dr Pradeepkumari & dr Nitin. I am confident about result because as I am doctor I come to know this doctor conducted HAIR TRANSPLANT in very modern & Excellent method & not land up in any complication.

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    Sameer Kangude

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Dermatologist in Kothrud,Aundh,Viman Nagar

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