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Hair is an integral part of one's body and it forms a very important aspect of your appearance. A good looking hair can certainly enhance your look while dry, ugly and hair filled with dandruff can demotivate you and make you lose your confidence. Today, the percentage of hair loss in humans is around 95%, and as many believe, it's not because of hard water, sun, wind, change of place, poor blood circulation of scalp, too frequent change of shampoo, use of cap or helmet, mental stress, clogged pores or surplus dandruff. Most of the time, it's because of the condition known as Androgentic Alopecia- AGA, which is also known as Male Pattern Hair loss or Female Pattern Loss.

Genetic Predisposition is the reason because of which you lose hair. Certain genes known as AR genes turn your hair on the top central 'U' shaped area hormone sensitive. A hormone known as 5 DHT affects only those hormone susceptible hairs and makes them grow thinner, shorter and slower with time. Treatments such as ADHI hair transplant, which many opt for, does not increase the amount of hairs on the scalp because here we redistribute the hair from the back in such a way that you grow adequate hairs on the hair loss area to look good without the donor area really looking bad.

The fact goes that hair is considered to be every person's crowning glory and taking this into consideration, we at Skin and Hair Surgery International offer innovative hair treatments and refined surgical corrections for not just crown hair but also other areas such as moustache, eyebrows, beard area etc. We strive to deliver outstanding results in hair restoration as well as re-growth. here, we take every effort to see that you are given the best possible treatment. So, if you want to get the best hair loss treatment then hurry up and visit our clinic.