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Dr. Pradeep Kumari

Dr. Pradeep Kumari; voted as the best young dermatologist by IADVL, ASIA in 2007; is a well known and leading dermatologist- surgeon and aesthetic Physician based at Pune; India.

Dr. Pradeep Kumari Dr. Pradeep Kumari is sought out by patients and politicians, artistes, actors, industrialists as well as who's Who people from throughout India as well as around the world. After completing her postgraduation; she gathered experience and honed her craft from all corners of world and trained under legendry plastic surgeons and dermatologist. Dr. Pradeep Kumari employs her unique sense of aesthetics and understanding of human biology to deliver results which are amazing at the very least. Over the years; she has gained reputation as a world leader in not just treating & beautifying people but also in training other doctors in the same. Dr. Pradeep Kumari She is renowned amongst doctors for her clear understanding of basics and thorough imparting of knowledge.

Dr. Pradeep Kumari a dermatologist-surgeon, Aesthetic Physician; par excellence has been a dermatology consultant to various consulates; premier high profile events in Pune and various ministers of several African countries. Dr. Pradeep Kumari has also been a past medical advisor and regional medical trainer to kaya skin clinics in Delhi & Maharashtra.

Educating' has been one of Dr. Pradeep Kumari's prime interests and for the same; she heads Speciality Aesthetix; Dr. Reddy's Lab., India for imparting training to the established and upcoming dermatologists and plastic Surgeons across India. She is one of the few certified official Q-Med Academy, Sweden; trainers across globe.

Dr. Pradeep kumari is an accomplished dermatosurgeon known for her artistry and superior understanding of biodynamics of human skin. It is no wonder that she is considered to be one of the best in the world by her patients when it comes to any skin treatment or maintaining a beautiful & ageless skin.

Age management with minimally invasive procedures and treatments for various types of pigmentation problems are her main interest areas. Currently her practice covers the full scope of human Beauty restoration, achievement and maintenance. She offers consultations and treatments to patients through her clinics in Pune; Skin & Surgery International at Kothrud, Aundh and Viman Nagar. She is also available with prior premium appointments at Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Banglore.

Dr. Nitin Jain

Dr. Nitin Jain

Dr. Nitin Jain is an internationally trained and highly experienced Dermato-Surgeon in hair restoration and Hair transplant surgeries.

After completing his medical graduation as well as post graduation, Dr. Nitin Jain has been practicing for over 6 years. He opted out of his extensive general dermatology practice to practice Hair restoration and Hair transplant surgeries in its full scope. This he did to offer to his patient his thorough understanding off dynamics of hair physiology and fine expertise of hair transplant surgeries. Dr. Nitin Jain has honed his skills from all over globe receiving extensive training in where advance methods of hair restoration. He has treated patients and taught doctors throughout the world in the use of these cutting-edge technologies and surgeries.

Under his direction, our specialized hair transplant centre; Asia Institute of Hair Transplant; Pune, India; has been a pioneer in making hair treatment technologies and hair transplant surgery available to the public.