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How effective is Cosmetic Dermatology?

Skin specialist

Dermatology which evolved during the course of nineteenth century is one of the several medical specialties that developed from the general internal medicine. Dermatology got recognized in the beginning of the 20th century as a separate branch in the US and Europe. However, it was only after the year 1960 that it got recognition as a special branch in India. Until recently, dermatology remained as a purely medical field in India though in the West it had developed quite earlier.

In India, cosmetic dermatology has seen tremendous growth in the last 15 to 20 years and cosmetic dermatologists have extensively adopted several surgical and cosmetic procedures in their clinical practice. Associations such as Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India (ACSI) and Cosmetology Society-India (CSI) have also been established.

Skin and Surgery International is also one of the best cosmetic dermatology clinics in Pune, India offering best solutions for skin and hair. Dr. Pradeep Kumari is a renowned and leading cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist and aesthetic Physician in Pune. She was voted as the best young dermatologist by IADVL, ASIA in the year 2007. Several celebrities including politicians, artistes, industrialists and actors visit the clinic for getting cosmetic treatment from her.

Dr. Pradeep Kumari has a good understanding of human biology and an exceptional sense of aesthetics which helps her deliver results at an amazing rate. Over the years, she has gained reputation as a world leader in not just training and making people look good but also in training other doctors in the same. Under the leadership of Dr. Kumari, we have experienced staffs that are well versed in their work. Our clinic adopts the science of acute symptom relief with good understanding of changes in bio physiology in any disease process to offer long lasting relief from disease scenarios. The treatment that our clinic adopts includes approved medications along with lifestyle and nutritional modification.

Today, cosmetic dermatology in India is becoming one of the most competitive residency programs that have entered for the past many years and every year all the positions are quickly filled with the top scorers. Today, more people are aware about the impact of skin diseases and thus know the importance of a skin specialist or cosmetic dermatologist. Skin and Surgery International is one such center for skin and cosmetic dermatology that understand the requirements of its patients and act accordingly. We have all the latest equipments with advanced technology for rectifying any problems related to skin.

Cosmetic facial surgery is our specialty and we have all the expertise to have it done smoothly. Apart from Dr. Pradeep Kumari, we are also associated with Dr. Nitin Jain who is an internationally trained as well as highly experienced Dermato-surgeon in hair restoration as well as hair transplant surgeries. He has been practicing for more than six years and has sharpened his skills from all over the world after receiving extensive training in advance methods of hair restoration. With several years of experience, he has treated patients and taught doctors all over the world regarding the use of latest technologies and surgeries.

Dr. Nitin Jain has been a driving force and under his leadership, Asia Institute of Hair Transplant, our specialized hair transplant centre, has set itself as a pioneer in making hair transplant surgery and hair treatment technologies available to the common man. So, if you are seeking for skin cosmetic surgery or any other type of skin treatment regardless of how minute it is, you can always enquire or visit us at or enquire today & book your appointment.